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What Are Credit Privacy Numbers?

CPN (credit privacy number) is a nine-digit ID, which is typically used with or in place of Social Security numbers for financial purposes such as credit reporting and profiling, as well as applying for a loan. It is also referred to as a credit profile number. Primarily, the number is used to track the credit history of a person or to apply for loans.

You have probably heard about CPN when it comes to credit repair. Many companies usually promise to issue their customers with a CPN number to make it easier for them to acquire a loan, new credit, as well as get rid of bad debts. You should, however, be very careful because, at times, these companies is usually selling a useless service, which could even be outright illegal.

When To Use CPN instead of an SSN

Just like an SSN, everybody has their CPN. The ID is used as a unique identifier when dealing with financial transactions. It lets the credit reporting agencies and lender to keep a keen eye on the borrowing history of the clients. Nonetheless, you can use the CPN number to keep your finances hidden from the public eye, safe and secure. For this reason, elected officials, people in witness protection programs, as well as celebrities will commonly use these numbers. As the name suggests, it is used by people who want to have an extra privacy when it comes to their finances.

What Are Credit Privacy Numbers Used For?

Keep in mind that the CPN is not always a substitute for SSN though. It can be used for documents that are submitted to the IRS, an employer, when applying for a government loan, or when registering a new vehicle. In this case, when you have a CPN, it is usually up to you to know when you should use and when you shouldn’t.

People with bad credit may realize that the credit repair company offers to build them a new credit file, through the issuance of a CPN number, which they can use in place of their SSN. However, this CPN is usually the SSN of another person, most likely from a deceased person’s or a child. These companies thrive by tricking unsuspecting customers to apply under valid and working SSNs from another person. The customers inevitably find themselves committing fraud unwittingly.

Security experts have uncovered a sinister twist in identity theft. There are several businesses that actively sell the SSN numbers of children, and dump these stolen identities when they are no longer in use. They will then purchase more. This may sound crazy, but it has been in effect since the recession, and they operate in the black market. Fraudsters use these numbers to run up massive debts using the stolen identities, and will then move on to the next one when the previous one is flagged.

These fraudsters usually use web crawling and data collection software to harvest the SSNs of children from all over the world. It can be quite hard to imagine, but SSN number can be readily found in many sites, either from genuine mistakes or from lax security by the government agencies or businesses charged with handling these numbers. It is quite easy to get your own CPN online. Many websites offer such services, and will sell a CPN package that includes a new SSN, instructions on how to use it, and a new credit card with a limit of up to $500.
You Should Get A CPN Free Of Charge, Don’t Pay For One!

Be very careful when you come to a company that promises to give you a new credit identity, this is just inexistent. You can only be able to discharge some debt when you file for bankruptcy, but you will never legally get a new credit persona. Besides, be careful when a company asks for too much personal information, such as bank account numbers and SSNs. Whenever in doubt, quickly Google the company to see if there are any complaints.

Now that you have learned what are credit privacy numbers, and you want to get a legit CPN, it is best to consult your lawyer to ensure it is done right. Don’t forget that you will be in hook for any debts that may arise when using a CPN. Also, be sure to know exactly when the SSN is needed.

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Ways to choose and use the best CRM Software

Choosing the best CRM software for small and medium business is a tricky choice. By default, small and medium business is one that is constrained by its own resources, or rather, the lack of them.

However, business needs to remain the same, irrespective of whether the company is small, medium, or a large enterprise. Hence, it would help indeed for organizations to know what to look for in the software, which would enable them to choose the best software for small and medium businesses.

Simple but Accessible

There are some considerations that need to be kept in mind when looking out for, and making a decision to choose the software for small and medium business. For instance, the attributes of being simple and accessible are essential aspects in CRM software.


Small and medium businesses have their unique sets of needs, and it may not help much to have software that is elaborate, complex, and filled with intriguing features that the business may never have to access at all.

On the other hand, there is an undeniable need to centralize information across the various departments in the organization. The idea behind choosing top CRM software for small and medium business has to be one of the ability to centralize information about customers in such a way that they get accessed and updated by the different departments and personnel who are authorized to work on the key information.

Centralization should result in one crucial benefit for the management to release the time and resources for the top management to focus on where it matters to the customers and their needs.

Other Aspects

There are other considerations as well, which would tell the management how to choose the best CRM software for small and medium business.

simple maze

As mentioned, the software needs to be simple, as simplicity makes it easy to be deployed, easing out the training process and helping in the maintenance of software by administrators. Further, the licensing has to provide all access options in one go.

Considering the way businesses operate these days, in a time of high speed connectivity and remote access needs. Apart from centralization of customer information, a top CRM software would provide value for investment by providing for complete sales force automation and marketing automation, along with built-in e-mail campaign engines that would get the sales force up to speed with targeted leads, while collaboration helps towards improving business productivity.

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